Denis Burbach: Part 3

Denis Burbach
Part 3

  • Release: 2022

A reason to be happy

Record lovers and Denis Burbach fans can look forward to a special version on vinyl record including bonus tracks in high resolution. The production of vinyl records will be pressed by MATTER OF FACT. Record production: with attention to detail.

The instrumental songs are composed by Denis Burbach. These are mostly created by improvising and so he wants to express his feelings. He said that these songs remind him of a completely separate world. Not from here.

"Part 3" was originally released on September 30, 2021. The EP contains five songs. It features drummer Kajetan Pilarski, bassist Dan Gallagher, hammond organ player Abel Boquera and guitarist Denis Burbach. Mixed and mastered by audio engineer Maxi Steiner.

A Denis Burbach classic on vinyl:
Here is »Part 3«.


1 Cosmic Dust
2 Stay
3 Scream
4 Kalyptus (bonus track)
5 Self Destructive (bonus track)

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